Create a Custom Magnet Set, $36 and up


Our in-stock magnets come in 20 classic colors, but when you really want something unique, this is a fun option!  Just pick a setting (gold or silver) and your stone color.  These sets are made to order, so allow 7-10 days business days for delivery. Super strong magnets hold through any material, yet are easy to reposition. Set of 4 magnets in convenient storage case. Add three or more matching accessories -- including any items on our Create Custom Accessories pages -- and we'll include a multi-item organizer case with removable padded insert.

Even more custom colors are available, including rare and discontinued Swarovski stones.  For details, please call us at (920) 470-8381.

Small Magnets, 1/2" size, $36

Large Magnets, 5/8" size, $40

Magnet Safety Warning -- Swallowing hazard, not for small children. Keep away from pace makers and other electronic devices.  Read handling instructions that come with product.