Crystal Gaited Whip, 3 sizes

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Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this dazzling whip features almost 200 hand applied crystals. We have been making whips for 8+ years with hundreds of satisfied customers, so this is a purchase you can use and enjoy for many show seasons to come!

Performance features include correct whip action, stitched leather handle, durable plated metal components, fine cotton lashed shaft that's varnished for shine and durability, and replaceable end popper. Comes with complimentary handle protector. 

Now in 3 sizes! Ask your trainer what size you need, or use these general guidelines:

  • 28" Tiny Tot size recommended for age 8 and under
  • 31" Perfect for most riders, this is our most popular size
  • 33" For riders over 5' 5"

Note: Per industry standards, whips are measured from the top of the handle to the tip of the whip shaft, not including flexible end popper which adds about 4".  So a 31" whip has a 31" shaft and a 4" popper, for a total length of 35"