Limited Edition! Jet Crystal Luxury Whip


This whip is so richly and luxuriously trimmed, it's like a piece of jewelry!  Limited edition Jet Black and Clear Swarovski crystal and rhinestone trim in Silver setting. Black Sure-Grip rubber handle. Whip shaft is lacquered dark charcoal gray fiberglass with integrated end popper.  Gaited length, 36" shaft with 4" end popper.  Shipped via USPS Priority Mail. 

Note: Per whip industry standards, whips are sized by measuring from the top of the handle to the tip of the metal or fiberglass whip shaft.  The flexible popper at the tip (see last photo) is not considered "usable" length, but does add 4".  So for example a 36" whip has a total length of 40" -- 36" of handle and shaft, and 4" of flexible popper.