NEW! 2-in-1 Whip, with TWO caps


Now when you change your outfit, you can change your whip cap to match!  This whip comes with TWO of our exclusive magnetic caps, in your choice of 20 Swarovski crystal colors and 8 rhinestone flower colors.  The magnetic caps can be swapped in an instant, yet hold securely.  Available in four whip lengths and two handle colors, the whip features a Sure-Grip rubber handle, black nylon-wrapped whip shaft, and replaceable end popper.  Includes velvet storage pouch for second cap.

Designed by Show Ring Outfitters and available exclusively through our website.  Custom caps are available in additional styles and colors, call/text us at (920) 470-8381.  

Here is a size guide based on rider age/height:

  • 28" -- For ages 6 and under (white handle only)
  • 30" -- For riders ages 7-12 (white handle only)
  • 32" -- Our most popular size for riders 13 and up (white or black handle)
  • 36" -- Riders 5'7" and taller (white handle only)

Note: Per industry standards, whips are measured from the top of the handle to the tip of the whip shaft, not including flexible end popper which adds 4".  So a 32" whip has a 32" shaft and a 4" popper, for a total length of 36"

This is a custom item made just for you. Please see our Return Policy