Custom Gaited Whip, 25 crystal colors


A nice custom whip at a great price!  Choose from 25 crystal cap colors, four whip lengths, and two handle colors.  Sure-Grip rubber handle, black nylon-wrapped whip shaft, and replaceable end popper.

Here is a size guide based on age/height:

  • 28" -- For ages 6 and under (white handle only)
  • 30" -- For riders ages 7-12 (white handle only)
  • 32" -- Our most popular size for riders 13 and up (white or black handle)
  • 36" -- Riders 5'7" and taller (white handle only)

Note: Per industry standards, whips are measured from the top of the handle to the tip of the whip shaft, not including flexible end popper which adds 4".  So a 32" whip has a 32" shaft and a 4" popper, for a total length of 36"

This is a custom item made just for you. Please see our Return Policy