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Exclusively for Equitate riders -- all of the products in this listing are trainer-approved by Sheri and Bridget. 

Whether you need a single item or an entire show set, you can find it all here. As you add items, the total price at top of page will reflect your adds.  

If you're buying crystal items -- magnets, earrings, collar bar, whip -- select the color you'd like and all items you choose will be made to match.  To purchase accessories in multiple crystal colors, just create a cart entry for each color choice.  (Choose color #1, select desired accessories, add to cart.  Then go back to the listing, choose color #2, select desires accessories and add to cart)

If you add a bun bow to your package, you can let us select a color-matched ribbon for you, or you can view all the swatches (scroll through listing pics) and type in a color name. 

First-time Academy Riders, you will need:

  • 5-piece magnet set
  • Collar bar (your shirt will need collar holes)
  • Bun bow
  • Jod Savers (recommended)
  • OPTIONAL items include earrings, brooch, extra underpasses, and show whip. For white handle whip, add to cart from this page. Or shop all whips separately HERE (Riders over 5'7" tall, if you would like to purchase a whip, please ask Sheri or Bridget whether you need the 33" or 36" length.)

Don't forget to use your Equitate Code at the checkout!  Please allow 5-7 business days for us to make your order.  If you need it sooner, please call or text us at (920) 470-8381. 

Magnet Safety Warning -- Swallowing hazard, not for small children. Keep away from pace makers and other electronic devices. Read handling instructions that come with product.