North Star Equestrian


North Star Equestrian riders, your trainers have selected these show accessories just for you!

Whether you need a single item or an entire show set, you can find it all here. Just select a color, and choose your accessories. All items will be color-matched, for a coordinated look in the show ring.  As you add items, the total price at top of page will reflect your adds.  

First-time Academy Riders, you will need all of the following:

  • 4-Piece Magnet Set
  • Collar Bar
  • Hair Accessory (choice of bow or barrette)
  • Earrings

OPTIONAL items you may want include:

  • Lapel pin/brooch (choice of two styles)
  • Jod Savers, to keep jods up off the ground when not mounted on horse (choice of two styles, colors vary)
  • Underpasses (check your jods to see which style you need)
  • Show whip -- Shop all whips separately HERE

Don't forget to use your North Star Code at the checkout!  Please allow 5-7 business days for us to make your order.  If you need it sooner, please call or text us at (920) 470-8381.  Free Priority 1-3 day shipping for orders over $100.

Tip -- Need crystal items in more than one color?  Just create a cart entry for each color choice.  (Choose color #1, select desired accessories, add to cart.  Then go back to the listing, choose color #2, select desires accessories and add to cart)

Magnet Safety Warning -- Swallowing hazard, not for small children. Keep away from pace makers and other electronic devices. Read handling instructions that come with product.